Monday, June 4, 2012


Hey there my homies in Russia and India!!

I noticed that on the new and snazzy Blogger update I can track where in the world my Blogger is being viewed and searched. If it turns up as someone's search result, it tracks that. If someone has viewed my profile, it tracks that. It also knows where you were when you viewed my page. The cool part about this is that I have people following me and watching me in Russia and India.  So I just wanna say Здравствуйте and Namasté to you! The scary part is that... that's just scary..... too scary..... It's like Google is watching all of us..... All the time!!! In OUR SLEEP!!!!!!!! Ok, ok, maybe not quite THAT extreme, but still, that's just freaky. O_O

I find that the scary factor with Google has gone up a ton recently. Ever since half the internet has been linked together like a web to Google things have made me feel a little uneasy. I dislike the fact that once you set up a Gmail account you get alongside it a Blogger, a Youtube, a Google+ profile and about a million other services associated with Google. I thought maybe the Youtube and (obviously) the Blogger additions were cool, but it's also weird and unnecessary that Google now access and information to everything anyone ever posts. Also, Google "knows" and tracks down a lot more about you than you know, so careful what you post and what you use through it. All you've ever seen, searched and done while Google was open is recorded somewhere on Google under your account. Even if your history was deleted, they still have that information on their end of your account.

Google knows that I have a mac, have about 300 pictures installed on my computer, 25 documents, and that I visit Facebook the most often in my Safari browser. It knows how many songs I've downloaded onto iTunes, how long my computer has been one and when I shut it down, and when I play Bejeweled 3 or Diner Dash.  How does it know all this? IP addresses. I don't even know what THOSE are.

Besides me being freaked out over all the scary things associated with Google and my Blogger account, I DID see the Avengers for the second time yesterday! LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!! Great heroes, great villain, and great fun (See my previous post titled, "The Avengers, gods, and my Latest Thoughts on us Human Beings" under the May 2012 tab if you haven't already). Before that I ate at a Chinese restaurant with my buddies and had this really yummy egg drop soup, a crab rangoon, fried rice, and an assortment of Chinese veggies. :) I rarely have Chinese/Vietnamese/Japanese food, so when I get the chance to eat them, it makes me very happy. :D 

A few days ago I also bought from Wal-Mart a Batman shirt, some colorful plaid shorts, and a picture frame for a Hatsune Miku artwork that my BFF Claire gave me for my birthday. BTW, Wal-Mart is convenient and is loaded with licensed character products, but it scares me too, but that's another story... For another time.... If I even bother telling about it.... Which I prolly WON'T. 

до свидания and Byvajcie Bengali!!!



  1. Oh, do tell (about why walmart scares you)! I used to love wal-mart, but now I prefer thrift shopping. <3

    And yeah, it is really creepy how much Google knows about us.

    This is relevant:

  2. Well I just find it scary how its business is so good that it's more than a megalopolis compared to some Fisher Price houses, it's like a whole empire. They just own tons of property and are run by people who are getting endless amounts of cash from everyday shoppers... everyday!! They are a bit powerful, but you know, that's business.


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