Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All the World's a Stage...

Hey there my orange octopi!

Today I am not necessarily bringing you joyful news or anything. I am typing you guys something that causes my heart to grow very heavy and, honestly, I hope this makes your heart heavy too. It's very important.

Have you noticed that mass media is pretty much the least accurate source of information out there and yet it is the one thing that most people believe and put their trust in? Who is responsible for such a widespread of such a false yet compellingly believable revolution? Is it the writers of the scripts? The directors of the shows? The megalopolis empires of companies who web everything in the media together? Perhaps. All the world is a stage, but what it really needs is the players. The ones who make media possible are the ones who are placed in front for everyone to see: like the pawns in the game of chess.

Something interesting came to my mind lately, and that is the subject of actors. We cheer for them, have crushes on them, enjoy seeing them, praise them, and most of all we love them. Or more accurately put, we like what it is they do. It is incredibly easy to assume as either an actor or a "normal" person that actors are somehow placed above us. In other words, they somehow have this sense of power, a higher position than the everyday man, simply because their popularity is unrealistically high or because they are a part of something very large. One thing is for certain though, these guys are very normal people.

There are some actors who know that they aren't any more special than anyone else and they do get to live "normal" lives; in a home with their families, doing everyday things that we do. There are those however who are so miserably sucked into their jobs and terrorized by the public that not only do their minds very suddenly become corrupt and crooked, but their hearts as well. They become victims of the world's desires and expectations, and it drains them dry, leaving behind a shell  that once held who they really were.

If you've ever really looked at the lives of many actors you should see that it's really quite sad. I am requesting that you take time to pray for a particular actor or actress. It is more serious and scary than we realize, and they deserve just as much real love from others just as much as we do. We will most likely never meet them or have a legitimate conversation with them, but the best thing you could do for them or for anyone is to pray and to love them in the way that fans simply can't. Thanks you guys. Remember that no matter what they've done, those are our brothers and sisters out there. Please don't shun them, pray for them instead.

Ever heard this song? Yep, it's about Britney Spears. I know she's not an actor, but all the stuff I typed applies to the singers, too. Thank you all very much.

I would like to dedicate this post 
in loving memory of Katy Hudson (better known as Katy Perry) and Miley Ray Cyrus. 
They have turned away from the God they once loved
and have drowned in the ways of man. As a believer
I know that God does not love them any less than before, and that 
no scheme of man can claim that they cannot be saved.
I really love you both dearly! 


  1. I plan to be a part of creating media one day (maybe not on the huge mass media scale) but I really hope it doesn't mess up my life. ^^;

    I'm more likely to be a contributor who doesn't get much recognition or many fans, though, so that's good.

    I don't really look up actors or singers that much and I don't know what's up with their lives or anything, so I'll just pray for the people behind the characters I like. :]

  2. ...Like Tom Hiddleston??? *wink wink*

  3. Pretty much. That phrase WAS a dead give-away


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