Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Darn Them Introverts!!!

Hello my alphabet soups!

I am currently at my school just waiting for 11:00 to roll around so then I can go to the library cuz the library doesn't open until 11:00.


Thus I am writing.

I think I am going to randomly point out that I just love introverts. Almost all of the people closest to me are introverts. I can connect with them so well, and it's like a 2-in-1 deal for me when a friend of mine is an introvert.

1st of all they tend to be better listeners than my extroverted friends and

2ndly I can talk and talk and talk to them and they usually won't cut me off because they are most likely not very talkative! Well, not all of 'em. Just the ones I know.

I also noticed that introverts like to talk about the fact that they are introverts. I wonder what it is about that? I know something like only 30% of all people are introverted, but I don't really hear the 70% of "everyone else" (extroverts) talk about the fact that they are extroverts. I for one don't.

Extroverts don't seem to talk about how they are talkative or outgoing, and they don't seem to care that they are overruling the introverted population. (POWER!!!!! Bwa ahahahaha) With introverts, however, I have heard them either brag about or explain to me a whole lot about themselves and they have such an amazingly wonderful (and rare) personality type. I guess I can't blame 'em. Introverts are pretty great. If introverts were the ones who made up 70% of the world's population though, would extroverts be the ones who talk about their personality type often? Neh. It's just not them.Would they feel like their species is misunderstood? Perhaps. I am glad introverts don't outnumber us though. They were meant to be rare. Don't misread this, (my INTROVERTED FRIENDZ cough cough) cuz you know things would be weird if introverts were that 70%. EVERYTHING would be completely different. Just thinking about it gives me chills.... No not really. Just poking fun at you guys.

I can feel a tad bit singled out in my various friend groups because I am the usually the only extrovert. But I don't really mind it at all because it gives me the chance to be the life of the party and use my natural leadership skills on them. I suppose that's why I gather up so many introverts. Not just cuz I like 'em but because I feel I can be who I am around them: a leader.

Now I am going to talk about my personality type!!!!! YAY!!!


Actually, no I'm not. I am going to keep talking about other stuff simply cuz that's what my personality type does. But imma save that for later. See you around, lunch bags!


  1. Heheh. Interesting post! I've actually thought about this some. One reason I think introverts say they're introverted is either a) as an excuse or b) as an apology. Since quietness isn't well, considered normal, we feel we have to explain ourselves because we're the minority.
    Or maybe we have more time to think about our personality cause we…think more? xD I don't know. But I really think it's funny that 70 percent are extroverts and most of the people I know are introverts.
    Nice post my lovely extrovert! C:

  2. Yes, I agree with emma. A lot of the time if I mention my introvertedness, it's like I feel a need to explain why I'm quiet so nobody misunderstands. Also, I like thinking, so I sometimes think about how I'm an introvert, and if I think about something, then I have something to say! XD

    But yeah... It's good that the world isn't all introverts. We might end up with like, a bunch of independent businesses but not a lot of teamwork...

  3. Yeah and if we did have teamwork, like meetings, they would take about 5 hours.
    "So what...what should we do about this?"
    "...I'll call you around 2am and let you know."
    I am very glad there are extroverts that think fast and decisively. :3


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