Saturday, June 9, 2012

Your Dream Man

Hmmmm.... which do I prefer....

Blondes [ ] or Brunettes [x]

Left Brained [x] or Right Brained [ ]

Oh! Hey there! Um...Hi!

I was just thinking of the kinda guys I generally prefer. Nothing out of the ordinary or anything.... Heheh.

                  For those of you women who aren't already married, do you have a list written up of all the characteristics that your dream man has? I remember reading an article in this Christian teen magazine encouraging girls to make a strict list of wonderful characteristics that their man should have. That way they can follow that list as a guide and only choose good men.  A typical teen girl might write:

       1. He must be totally hot (no ugly guys for me)

       2. He should be athletic

       3. Totally masculine. And tall. Well, taller than me. But not too tall. Duh.

       4. Ripped and rich

       5. Look like Taylor Lautner

Yes, I have seen people put down #5 all the time. Really. Or something along those lines..... However, a typical Christian girl might put down:

       1. He needs to be a Christian (this is the most important step!!! That's why it's on top!!!)

       2. He needs to be totally hot (no ugly guys for me)

       3. He must to be a good father

       4.  He should be supportive and loving
       5.  He has to be able to listen to me talk about things that I am interested in and at least act like he's interested, too

Yes, I have seen people put down #5 all the time. Really.

A good Christian girl (yes, a GOOD Christian.... not all Christians are necessarily "good") might put down:

       1. My dream guy needs to be a GOOD solid Christian, not one of them phonies

       2. I want him to be a good father for all the kids we will be having (when we're married. Duh.)

       3. I want him to know that divorce is never gonna be an option

       4. He needs to be loving, caring, compassionate, merciful, generous, forgiving, kind, strong, protecting, supporting, joyful, and finally faithful to me but even more faithful to God.

       5. And he needs to have a good amount of money. Just sayin'. Hey! If we have a big family I don't want to have financial problems!

Yes, I have seen people put down #5 all the time. Really.

                  Notice how the Christian lists were a little less focused on outward characteristics and more on inward characteristics? That is indeed important. I made a list one time during high school. I wasn't necessarily interested in dating at the time, but I wrote one up anyway just cuz it felt like a good idea. I figured one day it would come in handy for when I did want to start dating. And now I don't know where that list even is.... Way to go, Beth...

                  But I don't really care actually. That's because a year or so later I read out of another print Christian teen source that lists aren't a good idea! This author guy, Justin Lookadoo, said that he felt that lists only applied to the male that the female is searching for, not the actual female writing the list. In other words, he feels that when girls search for their perfect guy they tend to forget that all have fallen short of the glory of God, and even if the guy has all the characteristics on her list, he's still going to stumble and fall and struggle. After all, he's only human. Besides that, Lookadoo also stated that if girls need to make their lists, they need to have those lists apply to themselves.

                  For example, if you want your man to be compassionate and loving, you need to make sure that that is something you aim to be! Everyone has heard the phrase, opposites attract, but when it comes to godly men and women, their similarities in godly characteristics are what they truly become attracted to. In other words, if you are truly a woman of God, than a man who is truly a man of God will be attracted to that. The godly individuals really know what they are looking for, and they have the eyes to tell the difference between a follower and a phony, beyond their lovely outward appearances. This is when that lame old cliche "what matters most is what's on the inside" REALLY makes sense. Godliness sure is hot stuff, isn't it???

                   Tell ya what, next time you refer to your list or even write one, write the list for yourself. I am certainly not against lists, but the problem is, sometimes we set our hopes and sights too far into our "perfect" future spouses instead of our awesome years of being single, when we are only dedicated to God. Also, we sometimes rely too much on our own preferences that we forget that God knows us waaaaaay more than we know ourselves. So let God choose your man for you. Trust in Him; He's got one in mind for you already, just let Him do His thing. Devote yourself to God fully, and you'll be the hot mama you were born to be, whether God leads you to a life of marriage or singularity. :)


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  1. I don't believe I've ever made a list. I've never gone 'looking' for a guy, to be honest! Sometimes one sneaks up on me, though... >__>

    I'm cool with a life of singleness. 8)

    ('course, if God has other plans, then I guess that overrules mine... haha... but I really don't think I could be a great mother. XD)


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