Monday, June 11, 2012

The Pointless Post

Ever noticed how many sequels of sequels of sequels of sequels
 of sequels of sequels of movies are being made out there??? It's getting really ridiculous... 

 Hiya my iPhone chargers!!! I am typing on my iPod touch. My iPod touch's name is Chaz and it is really old for an iPod touch. It's got some cracks on the screen but it still runs (fairly) beautifully. I just downloaded a JPop song. WOO. I hate photo bucket.

Something in my dresser made a shuffling sound. Really it did, just now! It went like *sffclunk!* Just like that. Maybe a zombie knocked one of my socks over to the side of the drawer with no socks so it went *sffclunk!* Well, no that couldn't have happened because a zombie probably wouldn't have fit in there....

Maybe it's a really tiny zombie, or a zombie mouse. Why did I pick a zombie of all things??? My room is really messy and I need to clean it up or it will become a NYC for zombie mice. Which would be kind of cool but really gross. Or more likely it will become a town for scorpions, which I, like other Texans, have.

My desk has too much junk on it. The only things that aren't junk is my art easel and this painting I made out of eyeshadow and lip gloss and eyeliner. It turned out much better than I thought, actually! It's actually very nice. My desk has this really awesome speaker set that was made for laptops and is really tiny but I use them for my iPod and they have a nice and loud clear bass-y sound!! Good deal for $22 on Amazon. I love amazon. You can pretty much find anything on there.

I also have two empty Dr. Pepper cans sitting there. I kept em cuz one of em has Thor on it and the other has the Hulk on it. Thor is obviously more awesome. Well, hmmm.... Which would win in a fight?? The Hulk or Thor??? I know they fight in the Avengers movie but really neither of them actually "win".

I should stop biting my nails.

I have exactly 30 comic books on my bookshelf. I didn't realize I had so many....

Wondering what's up with this post? Look at the title. I do not need to explain anything.



    I want it all shiny by Thursday. No zombie mice when I come over!


  2. Ha-ha of course we don't really have mice. But we DO have scorpions. They're probably as bad as how you guys have them, so no need to fear.

  3. And yes, my room will be clean. :) I always clean it for company! Well, almost always XD

    I do need to get way better at that

  4. Zombie mice would be so cool. But not really. In theory.
    The bunny nom nomming was adorable.
    I laughed really hard at the Mufasa/Scar Thor/Loki comparison.
    And I can't wait til Thursday >:D
    And I love you :)


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