Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Times flies when the world is ending

Oh my goshness

Summertime is almost no more

And next week is my first legitimate year of college


I am trying not to enter into freak-out mode.

I mean, where has the time gone? It's so weird! Have you ever thought about how long something was while it was happening but then when it's over it's like it just flew by? That's how I feel about high school. It was waaaaaay too long and awkward and weird and sad and great all at the same time and it seemed like the time couldn't go by any slower but now it's officially over and well.... Wow. My brain can't take this anymore...

It's probably because SO much has changed with me over high school that it's overwhelming to think about. Yes, there's the obvious puberty and growing up stuff but that's not what I'm talking about (thank goodness). I have grown a whole lot in my character and spirituality.

Amidst all the confusing drama and stupid stuff that took place in high school, I can really see now just how much God has shaped me through that time to get where I am now. I mean, I think the me now is a huge improvement from the me then. Even seeing how I was at the age of seventeen, which was just last year, I can see I've really matured. I've become more confident and aware of who I was through Christ's eyes, and that my friends, is just awesome.

It could simply be that now I am becoming an adult. I know age 18 is supposed to be the official "you're an adult now" age, or 21, if you wanna talk alcohol (let's not), but I still feel like I kid. I do know that I have a long way to go before fully becoming an adult, in fact, it's a lifetime experience. However, I am excited about the start of it all simply because that means more development of who I am and a closer relationship with God. I have to let Him do this, of course, I just pray that I don't screw up big time in the end like King Solomon did.

I also know that what I have to offer is big enough and important enough to provide a way for Jesus' return which, by the way you guys, is way sooner than we think. This is the closest we've ever been to that point, and if you haven't noticed, the earth is in very poor condition. Despite this, I refuse to let that bring me down when there's still work that needs to be done here.Yes, it makes me sorrowful, and rightfully so, but I just can't let that make me lose hope or doubt that restoration can happen. That's why I try not to judge a single person or say hurtful things even if they're true, because God can use even the most passionate sinner.

And on that note, our doubt, silence, and spoken words can be what prevents restoration from happening in a sinner. Why? There are several correct answers to this. Think about it. You have to be sensitive and aware of the littlest things, guys.

It's always the little things. Always.

This is a learning process, heck yeah I'm in it all the way, stumbling as I walk, but I can't quit now. Remember, no matter your age, you can allow God's love to work through you. Against all odds you can stand firm in a world that's crumbling beneath your feet. Who knows? You could be the one to greet Jesus when he comes for his last visit.

In the meantime, I'd best be checking what rooms my classes are going to be in. *sigh* Here we go...



  1. AAHHHHHH I'm not even an adult, but COLLEGE O___O

    I feel ya. ;~;

    I still feel like a kid too, and I'd like to think I've matured over high school (I probably have) but I'm still dorky c:

  2. I totally feel ya... :/ I don't feel like I've matured at all. I feel worse actually Dx
    But you have matured a lot :3 and you will be fine...we all will. -le sigh-


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