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Adam, Adam, Adam...

...Young, by the way, in case you were wondering which Adam I was talking about. Adam Young. You know, the Fireflies guy? Yeah, you know him.

Recently Owl City (AKA Adam Young) released his brand new single featuring Carly Rae Jepsen (The "Call Me Maybe" chica) called, "Good Time". If you haven't heard it, um, that's quite surprising, it's been one of the most successful summer hits of the year! It's about as catchy as any radio pop song and as cool as a summer day in the pool with a group of friends. Is it typical pop material? Not quite; there are no nasty or questionable lyrics here. As Rolling Stone described it, "it's a guilty pleasure song without the guilt". It is indeed different from Adam's previous work, to say the least, however most fans have accepted and loved what has come out of Adam's slight change of musical pace.

Anyway. Intro outta duh way. You might be wondering why I put his name three times in the post title. Uhuh WHEEEELLLL...

It is not because I have my hand over my eyes while shaking my head in disappointment. It is not because I am a fan girl and just wanna talk about Adam all the time. Nooooo, it's just that well.... Let me explain.

I am going to use his blog as examples since it is a collection of personal typings. Here is a blog post he wrote about Taylor Swift, someone he cared deeply about. These two (supposedly) were never in a "relationship", but he sure had a thing for her to say the least. One day, last year, she had to say goodbye to him, and this is how he replied (in a nutshell):

"Perhaps ... the hardest part of saying goodbye to someone [is] knowing you MUST move on even though every fiber of your being screams at you to obey your instincts to cling for dear life... Saying goodbye to this girl was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life… but of course, it goes without saying that my strength is not my own, for I’ve been given far more grace than I deserve. Despite such a daunting task, I rest assured because I know I am not climbing alone, and that’s a heartening thought.

You’ve got mountains of your own, I’ll bet on it. Take heart. Be encouraged. Remain steadfast. Hang on for dear life. You’ve got a better grip than you realize. " March 14th, 2011

Awesome. He knew just where to find strength in pain and hold onto hope (Mumford & Sons, anyone?). But really, it's hard to stay positive in a situation like that, especially when you have to let go of something, or rather, someone that you really wanted to see work out for you.

Another super thing that this guy would do is consistently publish quotes either directly from or inspired by the Bible with his posts. Kinda like what I do, eh? eh? Hm. *sigh* Anyway.

See like here:

"We only have faith in our feelings. I don’t believe God until He puts something tangible in my hand, so that I know I have it. Then I say, “Now I believe.” There is no faith exhibited in that. God says, “Look to Me, and be saved …” (Isaiah 45:22). "April 2nd, 2012

"Life is way too short to worry about the past, and I for one, don’t have time for anxiety." September 12th, 2011
And yes, this seems long, but this post is just beautiful. I pasted the whole thing because well, it's delicious. 
"I want so badly to discover who and what God intends me to be because I want every second to count. I want to be thrilled out of my mind because of who Jesus is, what He’s done and how alive and real and astonishing He is that I can’t even keep from talking about it, my love for Him just keeps coming up in conversation. I want to be so alive and ebullient that I’m unshakable to the point that no allure of the world can pull me into apathy or impassivity.
In reality I get to dream and write songs and make music and travel the world and meet people and change lives and I love every second of it but I want the tremendous joy I find in doing these things to pale in comparison to the joy and splendor and satisfaction I can experience in God. I want Him to wake me up and keep me awake because more than anything, I want my personality and my character to be His means of expression. I just want to love and follow Jesus, I don’t want anything else out of life.
“For you died and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” Col 3:3

Now wasn't that just yummy? 

But then, not gradually, but suddenly, his posts became very short, or all about him. In fact, it started happening just this month! I was quickly beginning to really miss his old posts describing God's wonders that were so deeply well thought out and drenched in deliciousness. Now it's like... fast food.

 If his latest posts were not short and sparse, they were about how he is the same old Adam who has gone through a "musical evolution". I was convinced at first, but once the cloudiness came through in his blog, it was hard to tell.

"There is no old Adam Young, there is no new Adam Young, merely different colors and different brushstrokes over the same canvas. Creativity is all about pushing boundaries and pressing onward and I prefer the Darkwing Duck approach to artistry. So thank you. I’m feeling the love. Let’s get dangerous. "May 14th, 2012

The more he posted about it, the more I figured he really is changing, and he wants to convince people that there is no need to panic. Dangerous, eh? I hope not. If Adam really is going the direction I am suspecting he might be, than yes, he is indeed in for some danger. 

And speaking of sparse, what the... freak... is this???

"My cool friends on Facebook change their statuses to “in a relationship” and the married girls post weekly revolting pictures of their fat swollen pregger stomachs and I’m just sitting here making crap like this and not caring because this is the life". June 23th, 2012
I know, it's just one comment, but, still, that's not.... nice. That's just. Weird. 

This is just what I think. Yet music is music. And really, what do I know? OK, I do know that I don't 
know the guy personally. But I've been reading through his posts over and it is evident to me that Adam has a gift of wisdom. He offers up his own daily life experiences and gives words of encouragement, etc. I have a gifting similar to that.Now I am not one to judge or jump to conclusions, but it seems to me that as of late he might be snuffing that out for the sake of his art.

Oh oh oh oh oh guys guys literally, just a couple of hours ago Adam posted this: 

"The last three times I’ve turned on the radio in my car, Good Time was playing.
The knowledge that there are people out there who appreciate what I do is of immeasurable worth and it’s near-impossible for me to put into words how thankful I am for your willingness to listen and support my art.
Thank you."
Yeahhh. And being the commenter, commentator, or commentatious gal that I am, I replied back saying,

 Apparently I'm not the only one who has suspicions. Written on another post similar to this one is what just a few of the fans from the comment box had to say:
With the first three comments, yeah. For "just another face in the crowd".... You nailed it.
 I hadn't even thought of it that way...
Ironically enough, Adam Young himself did a remix for Switchfoot that was released a couple months ago, and the song lyrics just might be for him. *here it iz me attach it*

Like I said, I am not trying to jump to conclusions nor am I writing all this to give people the wrong idea about Owl City. I am hoping that I will raise a prayer awareness for him, though. I don't want to see another artist be dried up and left out in the wilderness for the sake of art and fan-love. I will be deeply heart broken if that becomes the case.
So as for why I made the title the way I did? I am saying his name three times because I am... confused.
I really respect Adam Young. I really, really do. In fact, it's a bit embarrassing to admit, but I have had a little crush on him. Who knows, maybe I still do. But that's not the fuel behind addressing a possible issue regarding Adam's beliefs. As a fellow artist, I can really understand where he's coming from and just important creativity is. But we aren't "creators", necessarily, we are created by God, thus our gifts or "powers" come from Him. To suddenly take credit for everything you do while entering into a new stage of music, though isn't explicitly a form of denial in faith, it is still concerning. I mean, I don't think he's necessarily hit the point where he's all about himself, and I'd certainly hope not, but it just eerily reflects what has happened with other artists. But at least we know he really loves his fans and is very responsive to them, so way to go, Adam!

His lyrics are, as usual, squeaky clean, but what about his heart? I know he's a strong one, but like the song lyrics say in the Switchfoot song above, "none of us are bullet-proof". I myself will continue to defend him and support him prayerfully. And buy his new album which comes out the 21st!!! YAY!
Whether or not there is any need for concern, we still all need prayer. So give the guy a prayer or two, eh? Also for us everyday non-famous people, like myself, we need to pray that we don't get distracted from other things or people when God is supposed to be the center of our lives. I know I struggle with that. I need to go to bed now... God bless you, you Bombshell Blondes!!! 
And Adam if for some really
freakish chance you actually see this I want to heartily say thank you.
Your music and character really mean a lot to me and I know God has
(and is) working through you and your talents. You've influenced
my music, art, and a lot of things, but I know it's God behind it.
So thanks, Adam. For inspiring me.

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  1. I don't know exactly what's up with Adam. Praying for him is a good idea though! o:

    From what I've heard, his newest CD is kind of stereotypical pop. D: I don't know if I'll like it very much but I'll probably end up buying at least some of the songs.


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