Monday, August 13, 2012

My Annoying Little Brother is Awesome

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in like, what, a whole week? Ah well. Here's a post for you guys. *begins writing*

I remember when I was 14 years old and I started the my first year of high school at a very small school in Elgin, Texas. The presidential elections were coming up and one day my principal was talking about how great it would be if Barack Obama were in office.  My little brother who, at the time, was only 8 years old stands up and interjects, "But Barack Obama supports abortion!" You can only imagine the shock on Ms. Principal's face. Needless to say, our mom was going to be hearing about this.

Long before that my older brother Davis was being teased and made fun of by another kid his size at a swimming pool. Davis has autism, so it sadly made him an easy target for bullies. Five year old Sam on the other hand, realizes his brother is in trouble and rushes in front of him and yells, "LEAVE MY BROTHER ALONE" while thrashing his arms around in the water. The kid backed off. Who wins in a fight? Shorty does.

He didn't hesitate to witness to an atheist kid at library club despite that he knew there was probably going to be criticism or mocking.

He won't listen to the hot new pop song because he knows lyrically it's really gross.

During the Olympics this year my brother pointed out how women do not necessarily need to be wearing bikinis while playing beach volleyball. Yes ladies, bikinis sure feel liberating, but they don't "liberate" a male creature's mind. He also hates the unavoidable fact that several women on tv have their boobs bulging out of their shirts (OK, he didn't say it like that, but that's literally how it is).

He also hates it, and I mean HATES it, when guys take advantage of girls, and he has reminded me several times not to let any fool do that to me. He's done that way more than my dad, actually.

What can I say? This kid tells it like it is. 

Right now he is only 13 years old, and he's got a hard head. But he's also got a really good head on his shoulders.

Aaaaand sometimes that drives me to insanity.

Sometimes I feel like this guy:

But sometimes I am jealous. I know when I was younger I had problems with standing up for what was right because well, I let my fear get in the way. Sometimes I didn't tell it like it was, I just kind of slurred what I had to say or blended it with something relevant in order that it may not come across so black-and-white, just because I didn't want people to do anything to hurt me. Sometimes I just didn't know right from wrong. Yeah yeah, I know this is like, what, EVERYONE'S story?? But alas, tis true. So when I see Sam use his natural talents and knowledge for God's greater glory??? Mentally I'm all:

Perhaps I need to tell him this stuff out loud more often, no? After all the older kids certainly do shape and influence the younger folks. But lately I've been learning that it is also the other way around.

Look, my little brother drives me crazy. He really does, but what little brother doesn't? Whenever he'd get on my nerves I'd just wanna yell at him to grow up and mature. It does amazes me however just how strong and mature he really is for his age. That's something this generation needs, someone with just a little more, who says what is right even when others will wrong him for it. Who knew that the young ones would be the dudes to look up to? Certainly not I, 'till I got to understand Sam a little better. Seems like I was the one who needed to do some maturing, and perhaps take to heart that Bible verses about faith like a child and not looking down upon people cuz they are young. Well, I'm still young, but he's younger.

OK Sam is not evil nor is he trying to kill everyone including me, just fyi. 

If there's one good thing that being all nerdy about superhero or action flicks has taught me it's show me a thing or two about being a good big sister. Take Thor, a not only incredibly handsome guy but a true hero. In both movies The Avengers and Thor, for example, Thor's younger brother Loki betrays him, his family, and his country by killing hundreds of people and trying to take over the world using his powers for evil. Thor probably had every right to hate his brother and want to put an end to his destructive life. Instead, Thor chooses to love his brother and continually invite him back home to start all over again. 

 Even though Loki almost killed Thor twice, Thor didn't change how he loves his brother. That's kind of like how Jesus sacrificed his life to save ALL of his brothers and sisters, despite the fact that we DID indeed kill him. Only Jesus is obviously way more awesomer than Thor, because he came back from the dead, promised us eternal life, loved us as we were, and offered us forgiveness of all our sins. So what do we do? Follow his example. No, more than that, be like him.  I want to be the best big sister ever, and I know the only way to do that is to be like Jesus. 

Perhaps my little brother's character is a reflection of me? Who knows! :) 


  1. Yay Sam! That's awesome. I know I get scared to tell the truth a lot (something I'm actually thinking of posting about). But Sam is an awesome witness, and you are too!
    Does he still want to be a priest? I really hope so!

  2. Hee hee, it's so odd sometimes to step back and see little brothers as people with cool personalities instead of annoying little fruit flies. C8

    It's kind of scary to see them grow up and mature, actually. But cool too, I guess.


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