Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You know what I despise????

Whenever you take the time to type something really meaningful but it's a tad long and then you send it to/post it for someone, and then they write/comment back and as you're reading their comment you're thinking, they totally skipped over all this. They were probably intimidated by all dem phat paragrafs*....

Or when you recommend a book/article for someone to read, and then you ask them if they've read it, and they say yes, and then you tell them about your favorite part, and they "don't remember" that part at all. **


And yet I am so guilty of this. Perhaps if I change my ways it will make a difference in this crooked reading world. I could learn a valuable lesson from this. Now I am going to "read" a book.... Bye you fools. You know I love you.

*On purpose case you wer wundderinghkn

**YOU HAD BETTER HAVE READ THIS WHOLE ARTICLE. It was frikkin short!!!!!! It was only 144 words, actually, not including these last notes. 

If you skipped over the article just to find the little stars, I'm lolling because.... the irony...

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