Saturday, July 28, 2012

It'S AlmOST 2 Am!!!111!1!!11!!!!!

Yeah and I'm still awake. I'm WIDE awake. Darn it, this would be the perfect night for me to do a night watch with the Lord, but unfortunately I have my daily duties as a daughter and a big sister so I must be energetic and alert for my folks when I wake up tomorrow (oh wait, it IS

But I thought I would make a very short post (well, short for me since I tend to rattle on) about a realization I had an hour ago. I was just here on my bed making dance music on my Macbook Pro when suddenly, out of the grey, I sat up, looked onward, struck an epic pose as if I were in a hero flick, and thought to myself, "I am so blessed to be single right now. I am so glad that I am single."


OK, I mostly just continued fiddling around on my mac when I realized that, I didn't actually move at all, but I really am glad to be single! God has me right now. No, that doesn't mean that I am going to join a convent right now or be living alone for the rest of my life, that just means I am exclusively with God right now. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is cool.

And if you are single and happen to be feeling the single blues right now?

It's amazing how so many people fall into deep and udder despair over not having a partner to love on at all times. Love does crazy things to you. Makes you depressed,

it can make you sad,

or..... hee hee.... *snicker, snort*......

                                                         Internet meme faces make me laugh.

I saw this cheesy little glittery animated graphic on a friend's website at the age of twelve that I still remember. It said something like, "When you are single, all you notice are the happy couples. When you are in a relationship, all you notice are the happy single people." Now I just know that, for the most part, this statement isn't true, but it does help me remember how happy I could be that I am not "taken"... Taken away from my father in Heaven, no way Jose! 


I ain't going to bed. I'm going to read a book. Good night!!!! Or not.

Some random photo I just found surfing Google. My search wasn't even related to
the fact that I am awake. God speaks in strange ways!! 

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  1. We have that Awakening CD. c: also yeah, being single is JUST FIIIIINE with me. Doesn't mean I never daydream, but logically, conveniently, freeingly, I am single (but never alone).


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