Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ever wondered...

...why reading and sitting on the toilet go together so well? I haven't. 'Til recently, like a few days ago. Man, bathrooms are pretty awesome once you think about it!

Anyway this post isn't really about toilets n' bathtubs. It's about me. Because you all should know, It's ALL about me! (Not really, duh.)

I just wanted to talk a bit about what's been going on lately in my life, since well, this is my blog. Lately I've been receiving the message from Heaven over and over "to sing a new song," and "to sing the sweeter song," and "to do something different". Since this message is fairly "new" for me, I'm still going about doing life and asking God what he means by that. With a message that important, it's going to be a gradual learning process for me, I'm sure, so I am not expecting any answers right now. Patience is needed for God's lessons and that's another good lesson for me to learn since I tend to be a pretty impatient person. So far what I've learned from this process is that God is taking me a different direction than I expected. For example, ever since I could hold a pencil, I've been an artist. I love to draw, paint, sculpt with clay, and create things with my hands. I thought that maybe that natural talent would be a part of my future, like my career, etc. But lately it seems that God has introduced me to another talent that I apparently have that He wants me to use for His glory instead. I had no idea He would want me to do something other than what I've been doing, but that's the way God is. Of course, this doesn't mean I give up art completely or that it's NOT used for His glory, HECK NO, but He just simply wants me to do use another medium to send His messages to others. And that's ok. Use me the way you want to, Father.

But besides that, something else occurred to me.....

.....Sing to the Lord a new song....  I feel like God has been telling that to all of His children for a loooooong time. Because, like the book of Ecclesiastes says, nothing is NEW under the sun!!! Sure, we're living in "the future" right now, with technology, etc., but honestly, what hasn't changed over time? Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, there has been war, famine, world hunger, poverty, disease, hatred against our brothers, separation, broken love, and confusion on what's right and wrong! Why? Because of our OWN choices! People always test Christians by asking "If God is really good and loving like you say He is, how come (insert bad event here)?" Many "Christians" don't even know how to answer. This, my friends, has been going on forever. You can even look in the Bible and see that even God's most loyal prophets have screwed up. Yes it's true, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and sometimes we really make fools of ourselves. When I get to college there's constant pressure to party, have sex with a hundred guys, and to "live it up". This has been bearing down on me hard everywhere I go. So what happens if I give in? EVERYONE'S doing it!

*yawn* BOOOOORING. Heard all THAT before......

My mom told me once that what the world really desires is someone who's different. I don't know about you, but I think the coolest people in the room are always the ones who wear the artsy clothing and don't care what others think, the ones who would rather play the bagpipes than the electric guitar, the ones who do math for fun, and who aren't afraid of who they are. They're weird. I've found that people generally are  naturally attracted to that kind of person. These are the ones who, in high school, were probably made fun of or put down by others.

The ones who don't change despite the constant pressure are the strong ones. They're not afraid of the world, because, honestly, what could the world possibly do to them besides destroy them only if they were to give into its pressures?

What automatically turns the cool factor WAY up with any person is when they are not afraid of who they are because God fearfully and wonderfully created them, thus they are not ashamed of the gospel or of God. They never miss an opportunity to share what they know to be true to others, and they expect persecution, but WALK onward anyway. That's what the world really has been longing for. Now I'm not talking about the "team Jesus" cheese that "Christian" teens sometimes do, especially when they wear their Christian shirts and count that as evangelizing or expressing their faith. Hey, Christian tees are cool and all, but people should be able to tell you are a Christian by your very presence, not by what you wear on the outside.

So now, moving onto something even more important. Here is the REAL question that is connected to the title of this post... (not the toilet question)

Ever wondered...
...what your song sounds like?

When I get to Heaven, I want to see God's works in my life orchestrated through every fiber of my being, woven perfectly into a pleasant song, because I want to be perfect as God is perfect. Others will tell me perfection isn't possible, and that's true, well, on the world's standards. God gave us forgiveness and redemption for when we do mess up, and He died so that we can BE like HIM!

As our callings become more evident in our lives, never fail to seize the opportunity to do what God has set out for you. The world needs Him. Help light the way.

Bye bye my keyboards! God bless you all.


  1. Cool beans. I like this post. -puts on hipster shades for no reason- The different and shameless people really are the coolest.

  2. I know I hardly comment–I do read your posts! Really I do! I'm just bad about commenting XD Firstly-cool and insightful post. It's really cool hearing about what God is speaking to you. When I first read about the be yourself/be who God made you to be I was kind of wary, because I'm not a huge fan of "CRUSH PEOPLE WITH WHO YOU ARE BECAUSE IT'S WHO YOU ARE AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY EGO THEN SCREW YOU!" But then I realized that's obviously not what you were getting at at all.
    It really does take a lot of courage to be who God made you to be, and when you are that, then people stand in awe. The only thing that bothers me is when people kind of run you over with how different they are, or deliberately pick the opposite thing of the norm just so people will notice and like them. So I think it's a very thin line between being yourself and being different and weird on purpose. I think humility has a lot to do with it. The cool people are the humble people, because they aren't even looking at themselves or realizing how different they are.
    -End rant-
    Again, great post and I look forward to reading more! B)

  3. The main point of the post is that when you are a real Christian, you automatically stand out. Like in those goofy pics I attached, it just happens, because like the bible says, you are no longer of this world. Period.

    I learned through high school that being yourself is extremely important, that's why i think so many people teach that. Problem is we get our own ideas on how being yourself should be, and that can get annoying and twisted. When one person decides not to be like everybody else, they can take that as a way of making themselves a "super" person, or somehow higher above others because they understand their self-worth and uniqueness. It can get to the point of selfishness rather than proper self-love. That's how I tried to build myself up as a middle schooler, well, the empty way. Obviously it failed. XD

    But yeah, I'm glad you liked my post! And I figured you and Claire read my posts when y'all could, it's just that I want my messages to get across the world of the internet. Well, now I know that's in God's hands. Maybe the people in Russia learn something from my blog, Idk. XD

  4. Lawl people inRussia XD and Germany. I get views from Germany and Malaysia XD im like wut.
    But yeah I got your point and it is a very good one.


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