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ANIMALISTIC part 1 - The Animal Inside

          In some aspects evolution is real. Over time human beings discover, create, and alter how this world works. Our behavior changes with it, so do our standards, morals, and what we consider normal. Now consider this question: do our current, common moral standards link to animalistic characteristics? First of all, just what is an animal? 

According to the dictionary, here is what the word animal means:

Animal: 1 any member of the kingdom Animalia, comprising multicellular organisms that have a well-defined shape and usually limited growth, can move voluntarily, actively acquire food and digest it internally, and have sensory and nervous systems that allow them to respond rapidly, tostimuli: some classification schemes also include protozoa and certain other single-celled eukaryotes that have motility and animallike nutritional modes.

Yeah yeah, ok we get that. But what's even more interesting (and shorter and sweeter) are the definitions that comes after:

2 any such living thing other than a human being. 

   OK, if you're sure... 

3 a mammal; as opposed to a fish, bird, etc.

   Yeah, yeah, we ALL know that fishes and birds AREN'T animals. OK, they are, but anyway moving on...

4 the physical, sensual, or carnal nature of human beings; animality: i.e. the animal in every person.

The animal in every person, eh? OK, so let's use that example as if it's a proven fact. So all of us have an animal inside of us in one way or another. 

Perhaps it's when we attempt to satisfy our innermost desires in guilty pleasures, when we surrender to self-indulgence whether or not we know it is damaging. More than half the time, however, we are unaware of the damaging effect our hearts must endure when we give into our sinful nature. After all, sin is what brought pain and suffering to this world. And obliviousness. Even our everyday selfish choices send something the wrong way, and that's usually ourselves. 

Like most animals, it's only natural for us humans to adapt after the environment we grow up in. What we're exposed to and what we're taught shape our ways of thinking and behaving. When our parents raise us well it is likely we will make better choices in life. When our parents ignore us or, even worse, abuse us, we are severely bruised, and it changes the person we will become no matter what. The same can be said for our school experiences, our friends, relatives, and especially our choices in media. With how abundantly used media itself is today, it shouldn't be surprising how communicative and influential it is in today in our everyday lives.

Ever since the "Sexual Revolution" in the 60's, various forms of media like ads, magazines, books, tv, and music were used to express a new kind of freedom; one that promises no boundaries in anything that we choose do.  These so-called "boundaries" are usually used to describe morals, rules, and religion, and are often painted as unnatural and oppressive. They thought, "Hey! Let's break loose from our cage and let wild what was meant to be free!" Good words if you were becoming a Christian, maybe, but if you are talking about unleashing the reckless temptations that bug you all the time, you're doomed. 

Before I move on, here are a very few pictorial examples of animal encouragement from the media:

Pop music albums/singles

Katy Perry as an alien in the "E.T." music video, comes to
earth and later takes the form
of human with various African
animals' features

Miley Cyrus as a peacock. Besides the obvious sexual
implications, note also what her animal implies.
This photo is from her music video,
"Can't Be Tamed".
Subtlety at it's best, ladies and gentlemen.
Or not.
Lady Gaga as a bizarre, mythical lizard-like creature.
Promotion for her "Born This Way" single. Hint hint

Oh yes, it's the King of Pop!
In the hit film, "Thriller",
before he is shown as a zombie,
Michael Jackson transforms into
an evil creature of the night.

Tyler Posey starring as Scott McCall in MTV's Teen Wolf
And, ladies, here is Jacob Black
 from Twilight who is (in case
ya didn't know) a werewolf
A young butterfly girl in Paramore's music video, "Brick by Boring Brick". It is suggested that her
wings represent her innocence, but later she tears them off out of fear
then runs and falls into a grave and is (supposedly) buried alive.

OK OK OK, so the media is very animal heavy/themed/laden. Whether you have noticed or not, we are always seeing animals. If it's not the dog across the street or the swarm of flies in the trash can it's the things we see everyday. 

But why? Why choose animals? Is it because it's only natural for us to express our "inner-animal" through song and video? But why? Why the recurring theme? Wouldn't that just be getting old/repetitive? No, it's much more subtle than that. 

Sex SELLS. This so-called "Freedom" sells. Indulgence sells. All this is a consistent way to rake in boatloads of cash! The more cash, the more encouragement there is to continue! With all of this happening what are we to do? Give up the TV and smash the iPod? Curse the internet? Uh, duh, NO. Well, erm, you can, if you really want to, and that's great, but these things can also provide a good lesson in self control. No one is forcing us to give into temptation and no one is forcing us not to. We do have a choice. 

Imagine a little girl who really wants a puppy, and she comes across a rabid, growling, stray dog standing behind a trash can in a dark alley. Excited, she runs home and begs her parents for that dog. When she pulls them over to the alley to show them where the dog is, what should the parents do? They want to keep their daughter satisfied, and they agreed to finding her a fluffy companion, so would it make sense for them to say, "Sure sweetie! Whatever you want! Boy, he's mighty cute!"

They would get her away from this creature as soon as possible, this thing could attack at any time! Then the little girl gets a little lesson on why stray dogs are dangerous, so then she can later choose for herself not to make the same mistake again. She'll get her puppy, but the parents need to do research so that they can aim for the best furry companion they can give her. 

We can choose not to spend hours watching tv everyday. We can choose not to watch that movie, just 'cause everyone else has seen it. We can choose not to buy the hot new rap single where the lyrics are:

Sex sex sex sex
Drugs drugs drugs drugs
Alcohol Alcohol

Men can choose not to watch porn. Women can choose not to give themselves away to every sleaze ball who looks at them. We can choose to listen to our Heavenly Father and to turn away from anything that keeps us from Him. Look guys, the solution is simple: it's all a part of choosing to do right over wrong. It is difficult to do, especially nowadays with all that I've been talking about above, but it really is simple. Many argue that practicing Christians are restricted from doing what is "natural" when they wear a purity ring or stay home from parties. But what they don't know is that choosing to do right isn't a way of resisting your desires; it's the way of protecting them from becoming bruised and battered.  

Remember to go to the Father first before diving into poor media choices. Ask Him what He thinks about it. God designed the desires of your heart, and He understands them and what you are going through. Don't let the world tell you how to be satisfied, and don't let your heart become like the rabid stray dog, and don't be blinded from what is true. Oh, and one more thing, you're not an animal. YOu are a human. And you are free to let loose your heart and soul, the true way.  

BTW, if you wanna check out what kind of content is in the next upcoming film, it is likely it is one this site. Trust me. It's the shiz.  

Peace out!!!!


  1. I really HATE that music video (brick by boring brick). ;~; It seems to speak of killing your imagination and it's just disturbing and stuff. D:

    I never really thought about all this animal stuff because I don't really think about animals... not liking them much and all. XD

  2. Great post! Very insightful observation. The media is very deceptive, and yay for free will!
    :3 Also very well thought out.
    Can't wait to read more!


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