Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Avengers, gods, and my latest thoughts on us human beings

Hey my pretties!

I am baaaack!!! (Again) You know what, ok so first things first, if I am going to be blogging again, imma gonna need y'alls support. Without it, I has no motivation, thus there will be no blog posts, and your life will have a huge hole in it and be completely pointless because my posts will no longer be satisfying that vast void in your heart. There, I said it. *I feel much better now, thank you* 

OK ok, the last thing about my blog being so important, you know, that one? The one about the void in your heart? Yeeeaaaahhhh, sounds really creepy right? Well, guess what? I have been thinking about that very subject lately, what we as humans lack in our very lives and what we tend to do to satisfy it. Remember, these are merely my opinions and ideas, this isn't meant to be a lesson or something... OK boring stuff outta the way, let's jump right in!

So for my birthday, last week my very best buddies (Claire, Emma, and Peggy) and I went to see the Avengers in theaters. Afterwards we headed over to my favorite restaurant and we talked about the movie - our favorite characters, how attractive and cool they were, our opinions on the movie in general, and the like. Our opinions were all pretty different, but overall, it seemed like we all enjoyed the movie. Personally, for the next few days, I kept on thinking about it! Mainly the characters (especially Thor and Loki, my favorites). I even started making fan art featuring Thor and Loki, brother against brother!! I liked the movie that much.

 Now, I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with the Avengers or anything, but there were a lot of positive elements 
and really powerful one-liners that are so rare in modern media, especially in movies (such as the Avengers) that manage to rake in over 100 million dollars in the box-office!! Some of those little "gold nuggets" were delightful to discover and think about, and they could even have the potential to influence and change hearts! The Avengers knows what true heroism is all about, and it expresses it with guts, and, for the most part, good clean fun. 

That being said (uh-oh spaghetti o's), there were other things that I found disturbing about the Avengers. 

No, it wasn't necessarily the movie itself that was a little creepy, it was the effect it had on a huge number of viewers. 

 Take Loki for example, here is a pale-faced green-suited extraterrestrial man who travels to planet Earth in order to take it by force and rule over it by waging war and controlling the minds of men. This character believes that humans were "made for a ruler", and he thinks that he's the one to do just that. He certainly couldn't care less what the "puny" humans could think, probably because he "talks about peace-" and yet "-kills because it's fun" (quoted from Nick Fury). 

Why do I like this character so much? It's simply because he makes a darn good and believable villain. Strong characteristics are always what I look for and admire in the media, and that's something Loki definitely has. He's also not bad-looking either.... Just saying'... So anyway, what disturbs me, however, is how much worship and adoration Loki receives from his fans! Sure it's one thing to gush over a character for his looks or even his character, but sometimes things just go too far.

 One thing I noticed on Loki's Facebook fan page (which was CLEARLY created by a fan girl) is how many females would leave comments saying things like, "invade our planet, Loki my liege," or "I was made to serve you, Loki" or "you can take control over my mind, Loki, anytime".  

o.O     O.O    0,0

Uhhh, weeeird. But that's not all! It's in YouTube, Twitter, blog posts, everywhere! First of all, he's a villain, like, a really really bad guy who would hate you no matter how much you adore him and secondly, he ain't real. Thirdly, if these fans like the actor that played that character, chances are he's not like that character all in real life, because he's being paid to put on a show. Loki's not the only one who has been guilty of this. No, even each of the good guys get far too much love and credit than they deserve.

As a Christian I believe that all humans are born with a void in their hearts, one that only God can fill, and that God has more than everything we could ever want or need, we just must learn to follow His ways and put all else aside for Him. We really are meant to serve Him, but what he has to offer isn't tyranny, death, or pain; it's love, life, and joy, and he's far more gorgeous than any human being or hot actor molded in Hollywood. Now onto my point.

Recently media has been a very effective and persuasive form of communication, so it's always sending several messages to us, whether we "take them" or not. It's becoming more "real" to us; graphics, cameras, and computer animation can accomplish things that the human eye cannot envision in the real world alone. Fictional characters and superheroes can be made and seen. When we allow these characters to get too close to us, dangerous things can happen. People make the false what they live for, what they long for, and what they desire, in this case I mean movie characters. We don't understand that God truly does accomplish the impossible, and we are so blinded by what we let into our hearts that we tend to forget who our real superhero is! I admit, I have been totally guilty of this! 

Like I said before, there's nothing wrong with liking something a whole lot, but when you start to "love" it and it replaces God in your heart, you need to check yourself. With the media, it is SO easy to do that, so next time you talk about how awesome your favorite heroes are, ask yourself, "do I give God this much credit/appreciation/attention?" And remember not just what He did for you, but what He does for you. That's something that a pale alien "god" could never accomplish.


  1. Yup, that's something I have to deal with a whole lot. I just love characters to death! >__<

    Thanks for the encouragement and reminders.

    Also Loki is really cool just saying. He probably could have turned out a lot different if he got hugged more as a child... (>;~;)>

  2. Good post, Bethany! :) I'm glad you're blogging again! I will try to comment so you will post more! (I will try to blog more too, I'm so bad about it ;–;)
    The Avengers was really awesome…I'm still thinking about it! I might see it again with my dad next week :) but you're right how people can blow up characters to the point where it's just like…wow.


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