Friday, May 25, 2012

The First Day of the Rest of My Life


Today the last day of my high school.... days.

And today all I've pretty much been doing is sitting here on my bed with my laptop trying to figure out if I wanna spend some of my graduation money on an iPod dock. I could be finishing my drawing of Thor and Loki, or finishing my painting of Heaven and Hell, or making a collage out of some old teen magazines, or listening to some of my new music, or making a cake with buttercream frosting, or reading some comics, or riding my bike, or working on a slideshow, or playing Boggle, or studying for the SAT or SOMETHING.


Imma sit here and waste all of my free time on the internet.

Isn't that just sad? First of all this is my first day of the rest of my life (kinda) and I am doing absolutely nothing to make it special!! Secondly, all throughout my senior year I've been thinking "oh I wish I were doing *insert one of the above activities her* instead of wasting my time studying!" but then when all that free time comes I don't know how to use it.

Free time is a gift from God. So is busy-ness. Busy-ness can teach us how to function and manage our time wisely, to give time to others, and to train ourselves for whatever jobs we are currently doing/beginning. It also teaches flexibility, and to cherish what's important. YOu can't learn everything just sitting there... There is work to be done! And God wants you involved! Free time can be used to give yourself rest or do something meaningful with the people you love or to use your God-given talents or to glorify GOD!!! Too bad electronics are so convenient. OK, I am SICK OF THIS ALREADY!!!! I am going to be doing something useful now.... Think I'll go make a cake.... With buttercream frosting.... Yeah, that's what I'll do.


    Dude, if we're all going to live together (maybe) we need to save that green stuff!

    Apartments are expensive D'x

    I have been feeling the same way so far this summer. But sometimes we can learn things just being quiet and still and doing nothing before God.
    But yes, the internet does eat your time DX I wish I had more energy to do things! We should motivate each other to get off the compy! x)

  2. Well, everything I've received either as a check or cash and the like I put into my bank account. This one I received as a credit card gift card. I guess I could save that too, but IDK XD


    can I have some?

    Also I can totally relate. WHY DO I SPEND MY WHOLE LIFE ON THE INTERNET?


    1. sorry, there are only two pieces left and they may not survive tomorrow. It was quite delicious. :)

      I feel so goofy. I never noticed the "reply" buttons below the users comments...... I FEEL LIKE ALL THIS TIME I NEVER UNDERSTOOD BLOGGER!!! D:

  4. Well, I do! *hee hee I stole your aCcOunT Hee hee hee

  5. Oh well if it's a gift card yeah spend it XD I thought you were talking about cash and stuff.


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