Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snakes and Tron

Two cool things happened today.

One: I totally ran outside to our chicken coop with our Co2 gun and shot a snake. I was so pumped! OK so I was just sitting upstairs in my room being all calm by painting with my new acrylic paints and easel while listening to "Saltwater Room" by Owl City when suddenly mom calls me saying, "Bethany! Come down here. There's a snake."

Out of pure excitement I literally jump out of my chair, fly down the stairs singing an eighties song real loudly, grab the gun, and dash out the door to the chicken coop for my first killing. You won't believe how happy I was. It was a rat snake - harmless to humans, scary to chickens. It was a long, fat dude. Black with yellow spots all down its scaly back. Eventually I shot it and it kept wriggling around and giving me a hard time then it zoomed towards me and I kept firing and eventually I had to use a hoe and start slamming it towards its..... ok I won't go into any farther. I'll bet you're already grossed out from given mental images. It was pretty bloody... Well *clears throat* Anyways....

Two: I saw Tron. OK, I will now give my brief and honest opinion below in a simple review.

First forty minutes were absolutely amazing. Everything was woven together perfectly, and my attention was completely captured. But after the best scene,"the grid" game, was over, the main character Sam joined up with a girl named Cora to go visit somebody (I won't spoil it for you) and things immediately went downhill from there. Action then no longer existed; excitement came and fleeted, leaving behind nothing but a cheek-on-wrist and bored, yawning Bethany. The rest just had far too much predictable dialogue, a few plot holes, and an unsatisfying ending to pull it all off. The special effects might be one reason that makes Tron worth a shot for many, but after a while, the constant navy color and neon-blue glow that was on everything just got old to look at, and people (or programs) getting shattered like red glass when killed was very also repetitive. The one thing that deserves the most praise is the music. Programmed by the ever-famous techno lord Daft Punk, the music had a blend of an orchestra style similar to that of Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard while still having Daft Punk's own unique robot/dance beats to the mix. I am considering purchasing that album soon.

So overall rating? I would give it 2 and a half stars out of a possible five.

Want more movie reviews? Believe me I'm a harsh critic and I'd love to do more. :) Let me know, k?

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  1. wow onthe tron dude i saw that film resently and i loved it


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