Saturday, January 15, 2011

I now haz lappy.... but no haz any posts??

Something's wrong here, why is it that now I have me a new laptop computer, but I haven't posting on my blog? Even I cannot answer that puzzling question.

So, um, NEW LAPTOP!!!! Here are the awesome things about my new Lappy:

-My lappy is a DELL Studio 1555 (Take that, Apple users!)

- It is kinda big. And red.

-It's got a built-in camera + built-in mic

-It TAKES WI-FI!!! (Uh, like most every computer does nowadays)

-It's got Windows 7, the newest and best platform for a computer

-It has like a million ports on the sides, for like, plugging in lots of, stuff.

-And, um, its pretty dang awesome.... I'll have to show you sometime

Anyways, I have a neat-o camera and stuff that does weird things to your face!

Check this out, I'm a werewolf!

Soooo lame and cheesy I know. Sometimes I really amuse myself. :)

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