Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So whazza new wit meh? Winter break, dolls, laptop, waiiit, I already mentioned that....

Ok so other than the little homework we have right now, winter break is OOOOOOOOOONN! Alright, now to finally get to Christmas prep, as in, late Christmas present prep etc. etc. etc. etc. Who knew that taking breaks for the holidays could get so stressful? I honestly don't know how Mom does it....

So moving on, I have a new interest. Doll collecting. Not just any doll. Fashion dolls. No Lie. Not kiddin'. Nuh-uh. Hey, I think they're awesome! And they're very good for cartoon drawing too.... I have 6 dolls so far of variety brands, but my first was a Sleeping Beauty Barbie from 1993 or so. Right now it's extremely rare and worth $120bucks. You won't believe how I got it. From Emma's (my friend's) closet. Don't ask me why I was in there, (Claire told me to????????????????) and there, hidden under a heavy pile of old clothes and storage, on the very top of the shelf, I saw a pink box. Grabbing it out of curiousity (poor Emma had a snoop amongst her) I screamed and pretty much asked for it. She didn't even realize really that it was in there, so she was like, yeah sure, and it was miiiiiine, alllll miiiiiiiiine! I dislike Barbies, but I was happy cuz Emma practically gave me $120. Thanks Emma! :)

It was a good start to a beautiful collection.


So what are you doing for the holidays? Let me know in the comment box below. And hey, anyone can comment. Even you people who own no blogger. Your comment will be anonymous, and whoever you are, make it no farther than G rated, please. I hate crud comments.




  1. Hahahaha. Wow 120. That's pretty good. Can I have the doll back now? ;) jk. That's awesome though! :)

  2. Yay! I'm happy you're bloggin again! :DDD


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