Monday, January 17, 2011

What a PERFECT day!

Oh my gosh, the weather outside is so lovely! According to my online tempurature reader on Lappy, it is supposively 63 degrees outside. To me, it feels warmer, but there's this really nice breeze and it's not cold or warm outside, but like, PERFECT. I can finally not have to bundle up with a heavy jacket (well, I never really have to anyway. Being Texas here and all). Amen to Springtime, baby!!

I am starting ACC classes next.... well, tomorrow actually! I am taking two classes, English Comp 1 and Art History 2. The English class is what I'm going to start tomorrow, and then Art History I thiiiiiink this Friday. These classes I think are going to really benefit me, first of all if I'm going to get serious about writing a whole novel, it's best I actually learn how to do it. And with Art history? Well, I like art. Art is fascinating to me.

So me and my best bud Claire are making this really annoying yet HILARIOUS podcast/blog thing called, Britney and Kaitlyn, where me and Claire talk normally to each other as each other's characters as if we were having our own conversations. It's all totally improv work, meaning we do it without a script or an idea or preporation, we just make it all up as we go along. THEN we speed up the tempo, adjust the pitch, and then me and Claire turn into Britney and Kaitlyn, two obnoxious fifth-grader girls who have no life and no friends (except for each other).

Britney Notspears, played by Claire, is a spoiled-rotten blonde brat with famous, multimillionare parents and everything she could ever want. She tends to steal the spotlight from Kaitlyn, whine and complain constantly, and break things that belong to Kaitlyn in order to get pleasure from her pain (which is, in fact, a little funny). Britney hates to admit it, but Kaitlyn is what makes her world turn round. When Kaitlyn's not around, it's always complete boredom, sadness, or endless trips to the mall.

Kaitlyn America, played by me, is an ultra-nerdy brunette that has large teeth, with braces, of course, and a plain, boring, sense of style (according to Britney). Her favorite hobbies include, reading, studying, participating in fundraisers for wildlife, and singing. When she grows up, she wants to be the first mega-genius to find a cure for cancer, walk on Mars, save endangered species, and be a famous celebrity pop singer all at the same time. When Britney's not around to torment Kaitlyn, things are quiet. Very quiet.... and perfect for reading.

See ya guys! If any of you are interested in hearing some of our Britney and Kaitlyn "episodes", let me know in a comment or email and one of us will email you one to put on your computer.

BYE! Imma going outside to have an adventure.

YOU should be doing that too, not staring pointlessly at your computer screen!!!

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  1. I. Love.
    I'm stealing your description and saving it somewhere cuz it's like perfect. :D


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