Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well, that's just great...

Soooo you've seen my earlier post saying that I got Blogger on my iPod. Theeeen you've probably wondered why the heck I haven't been posting anything since then. First off, the program was a fluke. Worked once and that was it. So I shut the iPod blog idea down and finally I have some time to the computer to give an update that's been waited for.

I am getting my own laptop!!

That's right, I am finally getting that Dell Inspiron that I've wanted for like, FOREVER. It'll be so great and I'll be able to blog more and write more for my upcoming novel, The Uniform Extinction.

For about a year or so I've had this SUPERB idea for a book that I've been too lazy to write down, then finally NaNoWrimo was coming up and I actually had a chance (and the motivation) to write! Buuuuuuut sadly due to a very crazy month and difficulty getting access to a computer, I had a very late start and I wasn't able to complete (or even write a third chapter) to my story. Hopefully though with my computer I'll take my time to write instead of rushing into it. I want my story to turn out the best way it can be told, so therefore there is no need to cram it all in one month for me.

Mebbe I could do that with romance/reality novel, but a complicated sci-fi/thriller book? Noooooooot so much.

Peace out!


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  1. Urg YESSSSS :D
    I'm so happy for you! ^^
    You've seriously been wanting that laptop several years :)


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