Friday, April 19, 2013



Well, yet again I have lost hope in this blog.

OK, not really, but being the extravert that I am I need the encouragement (aka views and comments) to continue, and quite frankly lately I haven't really been getting any. Honestly it's upsetting. I wanted to draw in people from outside my friend's circle and provide honest posts with encouragement. At the beginning of the year that's been happening, but strangely lately it hasn't (I blame Tumblr). Currently I have little hopes for spreading good words to a crowd through Blogger, and I've tried to, but it's not working.

I'd be lying if I said that this blog hasn't caused me grief. Expressing my views despite what my friends thought was something that I knew I could do, but I'm in the wrong place for it. I would look at my friend's blogs, and other blog writers and see how well they are doing, and I suppose that was my driving force at continuing my blog, was making other people happy. However, I knew people weren't reading it much, but I wrote anyway. I wrote and wrote and wrote... Still, I rarely got comments or views. Oh, I'm going to keep writing, but perhaps in a more private way, via journal, AND in my own website, probably Weebly.

So there you have it. This may not be goodbye forever, but it is for now.

Not that anyone's going to see this anyway.

Not being pessimistic, and at least I can say I've tried.

See you later, strangers.


  1. Wait, whoa, what??
    1. you're on tumblr???
    2. I'm kind of mad at blogger because it has NOT BEEN TELLING ME THAT YOU POSTED. grrrr. and now I come here and you've made a ton (and I am going to go read them RIGHT. NOW. I feel terrible.)
    3. blogger is a really slow place to blog, honestly. I think the reason I've stuck with it so long is because I blog mainly for myself. I can understand how it would be frustrating to an extravert.
    sorry if my lack of comments discouraged you. my blog list is SUPPOSED to tell me when people post new things.

  2. SAME HERE. I haven't gotten ANY of your blog posts in my feed…Gosh that must've been discouraging not getting any comments from your friends! D: I am so sorry. I'm sad you'll be quitting. Now I'm off to go read all the posts I missed from you Dx


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