Monday, October 1, 2012

Is she died?


Not being on blogger in 11 days feels like forever. Guess what, everybody? I am a college student!! Besides that I have a life!!! I've missed Blogger very much, yes, but I have been very busy. Anyway, let me catch up here...

Being a freshman and all the first couple weeks of classes were torture. My week was generally full of panic, worry, crying, freaking out, breaking down, and failing. I didn't really show it to anyone, but inside I was exploding. Somehow I've survived, and I've caught onto the schedule fairly quickly. If you are not yet a college student, a little word of advice is ALL OF THOSE FEELINGS ARE NORMAL, and as the British say:

Really, just relax, you won't die. I was pretty convinced I was, but I am still alive and doing well in my classes so far. I am a living example of emotional chaos when beginning something new, so trust me on this. If I can make it, so can you.

Also, when you have boatloads of work, don't try tackling them all at once. I don't mean slacking off is ok, I mean taking breaks is ok and actually improves productivity. Usually you would work like this:

You work 30 minutes, give yourself a 10 minute break

You work 45 minutes, take a 15 minute break

You work an hour, get back 25 minutes

You work for 3 hours straight (don't do this), watch some tv, bake a pie, go on a short shopping trip, or even better, take a walk. A LOOOOOONG walk.

etc etc etc

To help relieve stress, do this:

- Drink calming tea
- Escape from your workspace and take a walk. Try to clear your mind from everything that's making you freak out and just focus on the breeze, the flowers, the crunchy leaves, etc.
- Take a nap
- Listen to calming/encouraging music
- Read your Bible
- Remember it's not the end of the world!
- And as the British say:

That's all I gotta say. Really. 

Have a blessed semester!!!!!!!!! :D


  1. Gwah, I feel so bad for only getting like eighteen posts in a month. I'm so busy too!

    I have sooo much studying... Next semester I'll only take four classes, though, so it might get better...

  2. You guys make me feel like a slacker…I have only two classes and feel completely swamped! ;–;
    But great advice, Beth! :3


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