Tuesday, January 8, 2013



I haven't made a blog post in like, three years.

I am also in an exaggerated mood right now.

So hey guys. I has a job, that keeps me pretty dang busy, and soon school is also going to start, AND I am going to move in a couple of months. Day-yang. Transcending into being all-grown-up is kind of tricky! But hey.....

I am a grown-up now!!!

Actually no I'm not.

I'm still a kid.

Especially compared to older wiser people like my awesome parents and grandparents. They've lived life longer and have experienced and grown far more than I have. Sometimes (like all we kiddos tend to do) we just don't wanna listen to our day-yang elders. My piece of advice? Listen to them, or you'll die. OK, maybe not, but most likely they've got the power of guidance in your life, if you'd let them.

Anyway, a lot of things that I am going to need to start taking way more seriously is budgeting and managing money. This is the sort of thing every teen (well, me at least) would roll eyes over and kinda ignore. Now that money is starting to actually matter to me (like getting a car, gas, rent, utilities, insurance, groceries, tithing, tuition, textbooks, setting a good foundation for the future, etc etc etc), I've been learning to buy only what I need at the store and then splurge....... very, very, VERY sparingly.

I'm trying to store up a whole buncha money over a long period of time. This is a slow but surefire way of building wealth. My ultimate goal is not to be wealthy, but to have a solid financial foundation for the future, that being the possibility of marriage, kids, and (what's guaranteed) emergencies. Yup, I've become quite the goal-setter and dreamer lately.

Besides that, I've also been learning to be more under control, positive, and determined as life rapidly progresses. All of this hasn't been possible without the help and guidance of my Father, God. So thanks to Him for EVERYTHING! :)

That's basically it.

Yeah, it's good news for ME at least.

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. You are so... so... RESPONSIBUBBLE!

    Good luck with the finances, though. My attempts to get a job have resulted in about one odd job in my neighborhood. Wah!


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