Sunday, September 16, 2012

How Far is Too Far?

If you are like me (and everyone else in America for that matter), I can be a bit of a media junky. I am especially geeky over American superheroes, clever TV shows, cult classics, and comic books. One thing I, and some others, have noticed is that our standards on what is safe as far as content goes in the media has shot waaaaay down over time. So here are two important questions:

How far can we go without getting hurt? How close can we get to fire without being burned?

Here's an easier question to answer:

Have you ever seen a film that felt so intense the first time, but the more you watched it the less intense it became?

Just last week I got to re-watch the movie The Dark Knight and the first thing I noticed is that it strangely seemed less disturbing than the first time I saw it. Sure this movie isn't "Saw", but it doesn't take a genius or "spiritual" person to recognize just how evil the Joker is. But scarily enough, people actually admire the Joker and think he's the coolest thing ever... even though he's more than just sinister, he's demonic. So how does this dude and others seem less "bad" the more we see them?

Repetition is key. Doesn't matter how gradual the process, eventually you will become used to it. The more you allow one thing into your minds, the more involved you become with it, even if it's involuntary. The more involved you are in something the more your mind shapes around it. If we are diligent about praying and speaking with our Lord on a very regular basis, wouldn't our hearts and minds gradually become more inviting for God's love to shape and change our hearts? In this same way we can also allow other things in and easily become "used to" something dreadful.

Desensitization affects all of the senses and your spirit. It's that serious.

As long as we cannot understand or even realize why something is "wrong", then we can no longer sense when something is "right".
So all this begs these questions: "WHAT is the reason behind the enforcement of desensitization? HOW is it so easily being done and WHY?"

Well, the obvious reason is money. Human beings like money, and media can be an easy way to rake in the dough. If you want your show to grab viewers, you sometimes need to do a bit more than just try to entertain them. You want to hit at something that will keep them coming for more, for men that can mean alluring them with sex, and with females; false, impossible, and oh-so-mooshy relationships. There are several other ways, but you get the idea. Money talks. Sin sells. Simple.

And for the big, fiery, evil red guy that reeks of sulfur with the horns? Yeah, he loves desensitization because he'd do anything to keep us from "joining sides" with his arch-enemy. If we lose our abilities to tell the difference between right and wrong, then we won't be able to tell who's talking to us, God or Satan, or if anyone is talking at all. Because media is so so so so SO SO SO SO SO huge in this age, it only makes sense that Satan would try out for the big leagues.

Many people right now are fully aware of the subtle yet dark effects of modern media (especially with the whole crazy Illuminati theory breaking out), but sadly many Christians either don't agree that media has that sort of power, or they simply don't think it's such a big deal and ignore it. And sometimes using the excuse that because God is in their hearts thus they will be automatically forgiven, as if God is the official forgiveness vending machine.

And even if the problem media is posing really is mild, it doesn't really matter, does it? If it has something that does not reflect God's love, then what is the point? This doesn't mean you should drop every single show or automatically hate every movie you used to think were cool. This just means to be more careful, aware, and able to say no.

On that note, God Himself can be evident in media too! Sometimes you just gotta look out for Him.

Isaiah 55:6

New International Version (NIV)
Seek the Lord while he may be found;
    call on him while he is near.


  1. THIS is what I'm all about. Yeah, I'm a media nut too (I wouldn't say junkie, but it's probably true). I agree so much that the media has a power and it's used way too often for evil. My life, basically, is going to be used to create wholesome media, at least as far as I can tell.

    I've found that if you can see that the bad stuff is going to outweigh the good, it's best to quit before you start making excuses. You know that show I told you about with the really interesting characters that I was kind of iffy about? Well, it looked like there was going to be a whole episode based off of this fifteen year old dealing with the concept of doing "it" with her boyfriend. Rather than pull the 'character' card again like I did with Soul Eater, I just decided it wasn't worth my time and quit. That was that. 's how to do it.

    And then there's things like Les Miserables, which definitely have some 'mature' stuff in them, but the whole thing is really well written and has a GOOD point. When the whole thing tips strongly toward being overall good, sometimes you have to put up with the not-so-great stuff mixed in. Using discretion and talking to God about it, of course.

    Well, sorry for the mini-essay! I just have so much to say on this topic. c:

    1. I couldn't agree more. I judge my media the same way, usually based on what it's about. Characters are a big deal for me too. For example if the main character is addicted to porn or drugs (or something) but he is trying to stop, then that character is possibly likable, because he recognizes what he's doing is wrong and is willing to quit. But if that same character doesn't stop, or doesn't care, then that changes the whole thing for me. Whether or not the tv show shows his addiction, his choices and his dialogue really matter for me.

  2. Oh man! BLOWN AWAY BY MY SISTERS AWESOMENIS!!!!!!!! Your knowledge amazes me.


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