Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aaaand the next day...

Hey guys!!!!

Got through day three of Persist! Man, so much is happening to me spiritually after just three days!
One question though, anyone have any suggestions on ways to stay focused during silence time with God? The quiet can make my mind wander and then I'm distracted.... Sooo, got any ideas???
Tomorrow is TREASURE HUNTING DAY!!! The group is going to go out someplace in Austin and pray for people who we feel need prayer. (Don't we all?) Well, they're usually for specific stuff, but anyways, gotta go to band practice at the church. Yes, I'm in the church band!!! I play bass guitar!
Random fact: Coca-Cola is actually green before the coloring is added to it


  1. Nope. NO suggestions here.

  2. BETHELSTEANS! I love that pic of you. :D

  3. Take one short biblical phrase and repeat that for your focal point. Don't worry when you wander, just turn back and look at Jesus by considering the verse again. This is one ancient way to meditate on Jesus. Ancient mystic Jeanne Guyon likens it to "looking over the shoulder of your distractions at Jesus on the other side"



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